Data Center Solutions

Since 2010, Cratsol is one of the leading and focused company in Data Center Industry. We provide mission critical services 24/7 and 365 days a year. We have experienced and professional team who have the experience of delivering the diverse data center solutions to our customers across the globe.

We have dedicated team of certified experts who can assist at any stage of Data Center lifecycle according to the customer requirement.

We offer consultation to our customers as well installation and deployment services to get the most out of their investments and achieve their high availability, efficiency, and compliance goals.

Our Services:

  • TIA-942 Compliant Data Center Design
  • Data Center Design Validation
  • Project Compliance Assurance
  • Data Center Health Check and Risk Assessment
  • Data Center Optimization
  • Active Parts Supply, Installation and Configurations.
  • Passive Infrastructure Deployment.

10+ Data Center

2+ Standard design

5+ Design Tools

15+ Years Experience

50+ Satisfied customers

100+ Successful Work

10+ Verticals

Our Data Center solutions are based on four important aspects

  • Capacity – the planned capacity for space, power, cooling and network
  • Availability – Availability requirements (Rated 1-4) based on cost of downtime and risk tolerance level
  • Efficiency – PUE or DCiE efficiency goals
  • Budget – Define project budget.

Data Center Life Cycle

Our solutions are standard-compliant data centers

Our Passive Solutions:

Cable Tray Solutions

Our cable tray solutions offers:

  • Cable Trays
  • Secure Cable Trays (Close Cable Trays)
  • Fibre Runners

Perforated Cable Tray

Solid Bottom Cable Tray

Wire Mesh Cable Tray

Structured Cabling Solutions

Structured Cabling Solutions

  • We’re passionate about our work, and bring over 10 years of experience in structured cabling in the
    enterprise datacenters.
  • Our professionally trained and accredited team never settles for mediocrity. We’ll be there come rain or
    shine, helping you meet deadlines, never leaving until absolutely everything is working and guaranteeing
    nothing less than complete customer satisfaction.
  • We can meet all your cabling needs, irrespective of environment, for data centers, refits, new builds,
    adds, moves and changes!

Structured Cabling Solutions

We offer following Services:

Fiber Cabling:

  • Bulk Fiber Cabling
  • Racks, MOR/EOR – IDFs – MDFs (RNG) – MMR Room Cable Laying, Pulling, Labelling, Dressing Cable Testing
  • Pre Termination Fiber Connectivity
  • Fiber Splicing and Termination

Copper Cabling:

  • Cable Laying, Pulling, Labelling, Dressing
  • Cable Terminations and Testing

Hot and Cold Aisle Containment Solutions

Our room-level solutions include:

Aisle Containment

From a variety of airflow management accessories, to patented Vertical Exhaust Duct for the cabinet, to Hot and Cold Aisle Containment, we have a solution that fits your unique need and architectural challenge.

Seismic Bracing

Speciality protection systems that help reduce the risk of equipment damage from seismic events.

Wire Cage Enclosures

Economical physical protection for equipment in shared facility spaces, entrance facilities and equipment rooms are available.

Aisle Containment

Wire Cage Encosures

Health and Safety

Cratsol Technology has always maintained the highest standards of safety.

  • We have in house Health and Safety Department.
  • We make sure that every team member is properly trained on all the basic and specific H&S requirements
  • We have scheduled trainings and evaluation as per the requirement
  • Cratsol has Zero Tolerance for some one who is not adhering to health and safety requirements of the project.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Customer Testimonial

Data Center Manager – Fortune 5 Company

“Thank you for Cratsol team headed by Umer for giving their best effort to accomplish this project. I am really impressed on the way they worked and the professionalism that they have shown. I am pretty much amazed on how they started laying the cables, patching, up to labelling and testing.

Thank you for taking immediate action in the safety observation that we have raised and for continuous following the guidelines towards having a safety environment throughout the project.

We are looking forward to have more projects with you.

Great job! Kudos to Cratsol Team!. “

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